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Having a consistent look and feel is important to building a brand. You can configure many aspects of Shopaghetti on the free plan (color, positioning, etc.) but can truly unlock additional capabilities with any of the Shopaghetti paid plans to build a program that reflects your brand community.


The Theme section is where you can make changes to all of the visual elements of your program. This includes:

  • Brand colors
  • Shapes
  • Wallpapers
  • Banner images
  • Launcher placement and visibility


The Panel section is where you can customize the specifics of your customer panel. This includes:

  • The way program cards are ordered within your Panel
  • Descriptions and titles for each of your program cards
  • Your account creation button, title, and descriptions
  • Earning and Rewards icons


The Launcher section is where you can make changes to your Launcher’s layout, such as adding icons and text.


Sending emails to your members is a great way to encourage program engagement by reminding your customers of the value they’ve earned as part of your program! Customize your logo or image to your email notifications will ensure every message integrates seamlessly with the rest of your program branding!

1.How to add your logo

You can add your logo to email notifications in the Branding > Emails area in your Smile Admin.

Simply drag and drop your logo into the upload area or upload it directly from your computer and click Save.

Here’s an example of an email with a logo applied.

Once you’ve successfully added your logo, it will automatically be applied to all of your email templates. Your logo will also link customers back to your store URL.


Sometimes you will encounter questions around a reward’s status and if it’s been used or not. This guide will walk you through how to find a rewards status:

  1. Go to Customers in your Smile Admin – then open the profile for the customer that you are trying to find information about a reward for.
  2. Click the ‘Rewards’ tab under ‘Activity’
  3. Look at the column called ‘Status’ to find out the state of the reward

A reward will have one of three states:

Active: The reward has been successfully given to the customer but they have either not yet used it.
Inactive: The reward was cancelled from within Shopaghetti.
Used: The customer has redeemed the reward. Note: POS rewards will never be marked as used

1.Checking points balance

It’s easy for a customer to check their points. To do so, a customer simply needs to log in to their account, and click on the launcher.

2.Getting the referral URL to share with friends

Similarly, a Program Member can click on the launcher to copy their referral URL to share with their friends.

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